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Bring Excellence to your CDMO: Top 10 ways OpEx can enhance your organisational Performance

Cost pressures, increased competition, changes in regulation and employee expectations are constant challenges for #cdmo organisations in todays environment. In combination with the adaption of best-practice technologies, businesses can harness the power of #operationalexcellence and #leansixsigma to tackle these challenges head on.

Here are some of the many benefits of embracing a best-practice approach to improving organisational performance and embracing a culture of Operational Excellence.

Efficient processes and use of resources

Operational excellence can help a CDMO team optimize its workflows, eliminate waste, and maximize utilization of its equipment, materials, and personnel. This will improve the productivity, quality, and speed of its services.

Cost reduction or cost avoidance

Operational excellence can help a CDMO team reduce or control its operating costs by streamlining processes, minimizing errors, enhancing quality, and avoiding rework or delays. This can improve the profitability and competitiveness of its services.

Engaged and motivated workforce

Operational excellence can help a CDMO team create a culture of respect, empowerment, and continuous improvement among its employees. This can increase their motivation, satisfaction, retention, and performance. Through this engagement and empowerment a CDMO can foster a culture where all employees are actively seeking ways to make process improvements and taking action to implement changes for the better.

Cohesive management and leadership

Operational excellence can help a CDMO team align its vision, strategy, goals, and metrics across all levels and functions of the organization. This can foster collaboration, communication, and accountability among its managers and leaders. Systems such as Tiered daily huddles, Leadership development and Leader Standard Work can be used to ensure all leaders are using best practice approaches to create high performance teams.

Strong shareholder value

Operational excellence can help a CDMO team deliver superior value to its shareholders by increasing its revenue, profit, growth, and market share. This can enhance its reputation, brand image, and customer loyalty.

High-quality standards

Operational excellence can help a CDMO team ensure the quality and consistency of its products and services by implementing robust controls, monitoring systems, standards, and guidelines. This can meet or exceed the expectations and requirements of its biopharma clients and regulators. Through the use of lean approaches to process design, such as standardised work, Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA), teams can take a proactive approach to ensuring best-quality outcomes.

Beneficial partnerships with suppliers

Operational excellence can help a CDMO team establish and maintain strong relationships with its suppliers by ensuring timely delivery, accurate specifications, fair prices, and mutual trust. This can secure the availability and quality of its raw materials and components.

Faster time-to-market

Operational excellence can help a CDMO team accelerate its product development and launch cycles by streamlining workflows, reducing errors, increasing collaboration, and leveraging and analytics. Through laser-like focus on end-to-end process, with the use of Value Stream Mapping, deep process understanding and tools such as SMED teams can focus on driving lead time reduction on all processes. This can help its biopharma clients bring their products to market faster and gain a competitive edge.

Reducing risk

Operational excellence can help a CDMO team reduce its exposure to operational risks by implementing robust controls, monitoring systems, contingency plans, and mitigation actions. This can prevent or minimize disruptions, deviations, or failures that may affect its products or services. Strong approaches to proactive and reactive problem solving can support the team in reaching root cause of past issue and reduce risks of reoccurrence.

Increased flexibility and agility

Operational excellence can help a CDMO team adapt to changing customer needs and market conditions by enabling faster decision making, easier scalability, better responsiveness, and more innovation. This can help its biopharma clients cope with demand fluctuations, regulatory changes, or new opportunities. Through the combination of Agile and Lean teams can adapt and pivot extremely quick as per project or customer demands.

Developing an Operational Excellence culture takes commitment from all employees in an organisation. It has been proven time and time that this commitment has delivered results that far exceed the time and effort invested in establishing this culture.

If you are interested in discussing how an Operational Excellence system can benefit you and your team please feel free to get in contact with us at WD Excellence and visit for more information.

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