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Are you doing everything to ensure a successful Operational Excellence transformation?

We have all heard the stark statistic stating that 70% of business transformations fail.

At WD Excellence we constantly work to identify what creates the ideal environment for change and what gives teams the greatest chance for success.

Over the years we have noticed that some teams have progressed their improvement journey quicker than others. Of those who have achieved the greatest success we have witnessed their leadership team embrace best practices for creating cultures of excellence. They have championed the change, led projects, engaged their employees constantly, shone a light on progress, and created accountability at all levels for progress.

These leaders achieved this constant focus on progress through the establishment of their Operational Excellence “Steering Team”.

The steering team is a group of senior leaders who oversee and guide a transformation, such as an operational excellence journey. Over the years we have seen the importance of the steering team in several areas including;

  • Aligning the vision and strategy of the transformation with the overall business goals. The steering team will help define the objectives, the scope and improvement targets of the transformation. They will ensure communication is constant and everyone understands the direction of the change. An aligned leadership team is critical to successful change.

  • Providing leadership and sponsorship for the transformation. A steering team can show commitment and support for the change and empower teams to implement the improvements. They help create the culture of ownership, accountability and task execution needed.

  • Monitoring progress and performance of the transformation. A steering team will review, track and measure the results of the transformation while providing feedback and guidance to the project teams. A steering team can also ensure that the transformation is delivering versus the expected benefits for the organization.

  • Facilitating cross-functional collaboration for the transformation. A steering team can foster a culture of teamwork and cooperation among different functions, locations, and organizational boundaries. A Steering team will facilitate effective knowledge sharing and accelerate the adoption of best practices across the organisation.

  • Driving continuous improvement for the transformation. A steering team can identify and capture new opportunities for operational excellence and encourage innovation and learning throughout the organization. A steering team can also ensure that the transformation is sustainable and adaptable to changing customer needs.

If your team are considering embarking on a Business Improvement or Operational Excellence journey, please feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to share some best practices for success.

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