We have over 15 years experience leading business improvement transformations in industries including FMCG, Pharma, Electronics, Healthcare and Biotechnology. Based on the Shingo model of Enterprise Excellence, we have developed a best-in-class model designed to harness the potential of your employees to execute your Business Strategy.

“Our Mission is to guide organisations to new heights by leading business improvement transformations using a model of enterprise excellence which harnesses the potential of employees to execute Business Strategy”


Services Offered

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Hands On Support & Implementation

We don’t just consult, we partner with businesses. When we partner with you we see your business as an extension of our own and we work in partnership across all stages of the improvement process. Together, we assess, analyse, design, train, coach and work with you on every step of the implementation phase.


LEAN Business Process Improvement

Founded upon the Shingo Model of Enterprise Excellence, we offer a tailored approach to Business Improvement. All interventions are designed to address specific strategic needs, be they cost reduction, process re-engineering, increasing capacity, problem solving, leadership development or culture improvement.

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Strategy Execution

Become focused on your organisation's mission, vision, values and objectives. Develop a team to create a culture of continuous improvement and help them make better, more informed business decisions.

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Training & Development

Based on the 70:20:10 model of learning we offer training in Lean Six Sigma, Problem-Solving, Operational Excellence, Leadership and Strategy Execution. Mentoring is offered in the application of all learning modules.


Executive Coaching

Your employees are your most valuable asset. Having leaders who are able to motivate and influence in a way that drives high performance is critical. Our coaching centres around enhancing leaders' Emotional Intelligence (EQ). A leader's EQ is one of the best predictors of success.

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Psychological Safety & High Performance Teams

High Performance Teams and Psychological Safety go hand-in-hand. Our model for cultivating psychological safety is rooted in Organisational Behaviour and Psychotherapy and is designed to improve employee performance, innovation, engagement and retention.



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